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10 reasons to become a solidarity runner in the Zurich Marató Barcelona

In the last editions of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, more than 20.000 runners enjoyed the 42,195km through a unique and beautiful city. The Zurich Marató Barcelona is – with no doubt – a great marathon, but there is an ingredient that makes it even more special for the participants: the solidarity character. The Zurich Marató Barcelona and the charity crowdfunding platform,, work together in the following edition – 11th of March 2018 – to offer a big solidarity dimension to the Barcelona’s marathon. Both organizations want the runners to be supportive and to raise money for organizations of...

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Jesús Ángel García Bragado is one of the most remarkable names of the Olympian Spanish Athletics and concretely of the athletic march. With 7 participations in the Olympic Games and 12 in World Championships, he has also been World Champion in Stuttgart 1993 in 50 km and has been 3 times World sub champion in 1997, 2001 and 2009. More known as Chuso, he is example of fight, effort and honesty. Next 11th March we will have the honor of having him for the first time in the start line of a marathon. Welcome to the Zurich Marató de...

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After the marathons of Berlin, Paris and London, Barcelona is the 4th more popular marathon in Europe nowadays with its more than 20.000 participants. There are several the factors that favor this privileged position of the Barcelonian marathon, but specially the quality of the services to the runner, a monumental route that passes through the main tourist attractions of the city, the parallel activities that are organized during the whole weekend or the festive atmosphere of the streets the day of the race. With the pass of the years, the Zurich Marató de Barcelona has followed as ascending line...

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Training mode after the summertime

The end of summer holidays has finally arrived. And now we are back to our daily routines: Wake up early, drop off kids at school, work, pick up kids from school, play with them… But between all our duties, we also have to find a moment to train.  Because of the hot temperatures of the summer, we usually change our training to the morning or evening time. But with the fall season starting, we can get back to the usual time of our training routines. Or even for some of us, get back to train after the summer holidays....

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