The Race History of the Marató
History of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona

Miquel Pucurull and his daughter Elisenda,
winner of la Marató in 1990
The Author: Miquel Pucurull
Born on December 3th 1938, Miquel Pucurull i Fontova responds to the profile of what we all understand as a popular runner. The grandfather, as many people know him in this world, came into contact with the races of distance in 1979 through an article written by Ramon Oliu, the founder of the Marató de Catalunya, in which he advised how sedentary people had to do it to start running. He was 41 years old, overweight and had stopped playing basketball 12 years ago, his first sport. A few months after starting to train, in March 1980, he dared to run a marathon in the third edition of the Marató de Catalunya, which first took place in the streets of Barcelona.

Since that day he has run 43 marathons and he has completed 41. He has done the Zurich Marató de Barcelona 28 times, first in 1980 and the last one in 2010. His best record in a marathon is 3h14 (Donostia'89), but he also has a mark of 1h25 in half marathon (Sitges'90) and he feels very proud of his 4'54'' in 1,500 meters on track (Saragossa'86). In the Marató de Barcelona, his best mark (3h21) was made on March 18th 1990, the same day that his daughter Elisenda, who was an elite marathoner, won the women's race.

Miquel Pucurull was also one of the initiators of the platform Marató de Barcelona, which was created when the race was discontinued in 2005, and since his return in 2006, he is a member of its Promoting Committee and its Senate.