The Race Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations
Article 1
The Zurich Marató de Barcelona is organized by a Promotion Comity made up of four institutions and entities: The City of Barcelona, the Marató a Barcelona Platform, the Catalan Athletics Federation and Barcelona Tourism. The event is coordinated by the Institut Barcelona Esports, and its Executive Organization is carried out by ASO (Amaury Sport Organization) and RPM Racing. In addition to that, the Zurich Marató de Barcelona Senate, a consultative body made up of 24 renowned figures in the world of athletics and the organization of sporting events in Catalunya, will act as an observer of the race and of its organization. The event will take place on Sunday along a fully urban route.

Article 2
The race is 42,195Km long and is certified by the Catalan Athletics federation, through an authorized commission of the IAAF. Similarly, the marathon respects IAAF regulations for road races. Judges from the RFEA and the FCA will be in charge of ensuring full compliance with these regulations.

Article 3
The race is opened to athletes of any nationality, federated or not. In any case, you must be 18 the day of the celebration of the race. According to the regulation of the RFEA, different classifications will be realized, in masculine as in feminine category, according to the year of birth. Every runner takes part in the marathon under his responsibility and has an enough level of physical condition to confront the race. It is not allowed the participation in modalities that don’t correspond to this athletics race as skates, bicycles, electric wheelchair or hand-bikes, among others. 
There are established two sports categories by disability: wheelchair and visual disability. 
The persons with visual disability must be identified, as well as the person who plays the role of a guide. According to the estimated time, they will leave from the first or second box. To participate in the classification and prize giving for visual disability, it is necessary to attach a copy of the supporting card of the disability to after doing the inscription on line. Guides will go without chip and their inscription must be done through: In case of needing a guide, you must indicate this information (name and surname, ID card, birthdate, mobile phone and e-mail address). 
You can take part with wheelchair or athletics car. The person who takes part in the category of wheelchair must be in the start line one hour before the start of the race. To make the inscription, it is necessary to contact the organization in the e-mail:
In both categories, the bib number and the runners’ bag will be taken in the stand of incidences of the Expo Sports. 
The delivery of prizes of the categories of wheelchair and visual disability will be done providing that a minimum of 3 sportsmen have finished; men or women. The prizes will be given the same day of the race. It is necessary to go to the zone of podium once the race is finished to know the first, second and third position. 

Article 4
The arbitrator designated by the RFEA will have the final decision before any binding aspect of the race. Judges and auxiliary commissioners of the FCA will support him. According to the procedure of the IAAF, from the Km 5 and every 5 Km there will be a water station point, as well as in the arrival. From the Km 7,5 and also every 5 Km there will be a point with water to dip the sponges. We will take the partial time of the half marathon and of the finish line. It is established a maximum time of 6h to complete the race. After this time, the participants who have not finished will be able to continue following the highway code and under his responsibility.

Article 5
Zurich Marató de Barcelona will be considered as the Catalonian University Marathon Championship. Participants wishing to be part of the University ranking must sign up normally, and subsequently contact the sports department of their university.

Article 6
Each entry is considered as final and non-transferable and implies full acceptance of the rules. No registration transfers to family members or friends will be permitted, including in the event that the participant is unable to attend the race.

Article 7
Post mail registrations arriving after the deadline, will only be accepted two days after the closing date. Organization will not take any responsibility for postal service's delays or loss.

Article 8
The Zurich Marató de Barcelona’s organization will not refund the registration fee on account of injury and/or disease before, during or after the race, or for any other purpose.

Article 9
Bibs must be collected on Friday and Saturday previous to the race at the Expo Sports, upon presentation of the confirmation mail with your bib number and an official identification document. Bibs must be worn on the front part of the torso, and remain fully visible throughout the whole race. Bibs cannot be collected on the day of the race.

Article 10
All participants will be given a chip (to be fitted onto the running shoe) to be returned to the event organizers at the end of the race. Those who have their own ChampionChip will not be given the aforementioned chip provided that they have registered it beforehand on the registration form. There will be timekeeping points each 5 Km (km5, km10, km15, km20, km25, km30, km 35, km 40, ½ marathon and arrival point).

Article 11
Road safety is under control of the Barcelona police department. Medical services may stop any competitor from continuing the race for medical reasons.

Article 12
The organizer has taken out a civil liability insurance policy in accordance to current legislation. All competitors will be covered by an accident insurance policy.

Article 13
Bicycles or motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the race, except for those belonging to the organiser. Official bicycles and motorized vehicles monitoring the race will carry visible identification at all times.

Article 14
By signing up for the Zurich Marató de Barcelona participants agree that RPM Racing, S.L.,and A.S.O., either in its name or through third parties, may automatically use their personal data, for exclusively sports related, promotional or commercial purposes. In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, participants have the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel either totally or partially the information contained within. To do so, a written request must be sent to the head office of RPM Racing S.L. (Calle Gran Vía 8-10, 6º planta, 08902, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona). Hereby, and in agreement with sports related, promotional, operational and distribution interests of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona for the whole world (reproduction of photos of the competition, publication of ranking lists, etc...), by any means (Internet, advertising, etc...) and with no time limit, participants expressly give the organization the right to reproduce their name, the rank obtained in the final ranking and that of the participant, the category, the achieved sportswear brand and their photo.

Article 15
All competitors acknowledge and accept all the clauses of the rules. The competitors agree on their honor not to anticipate the start and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.