In the last editions of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, more than 20.000 runners enjoyed the 42,195km through a unique and beautiful city. The Zurich Marató Barcelona is – with no doubt – a great marathon, but there is an ingredient that makes it even more special for the participants: the solidarity character.

The Zurich Marató Barcelona and the charity crowdfunding platform,, work together in the following edition – 11th of March 2018 – to offer a big solidarity dimension to the Barcelona’s marathon. Both organizations want the runners to be supportive and to raise money for organizations of the 3rd sector.

Find out below the 10 reasons to become a solidarity runner:

  1. Add a solidarity challenge to your sports’ challenge

If you are reading this article, probably you are a runner lover and it’s possible that you are training for the Zurich Marató Barcelona. If so, we have something to tell you: to enjoy running, and at the same time, to help others is possible, run for a good cause. You can now give the 42km you are running to a NGO, but above all to the people who really need it. You have the opportunity of running for a double purpose: sport and solidarity.

  1. Double challenge, double motivation

All solidarity runners always tell us that, once you start running for a good cause, it’s difficult to stop doing it thanks to the additional boost that it gives you. During the training and the race, the worthy cause you are running for helps you to keep going until the end. On the km 30 (mile 18), when the energy starts going down, running for someone else or a collective, help you in so many levels to reach the finish line.

  1. You can become the face of a worthy cause

Running for a good cause means to become the visible face of it. You can give support to the one you like the most: kids, rare diseases, disable people, health, scientific investigation, social exclusion, poverty, etc. In, solidarity crowdfunding platform, there are more than 2.000 NGO to run for in the Zurich Marató Barcelona.

  1. A personal satisfaction

Some people run to win, other just to help people to get a better live. If you are taking place in the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2018, do it for a worthy cause and when you cross the finish line, you’ll do it for you and for the others. Experience the amazing feeling of giving while you practice sport.

  1. Proactive involvement for a worthy cause

Running for a good cause it’s an excellent opportunity to get involved in a worthy cause because it goes further than a simply donation for an organization. Make a crowdfunding campaign through and be the main character of the action. You’ll become the face of this cause and you’ll help to raise money for all the projects the NGO is working for.

  1. Sports with values, find out more about the positive points.

Sport and solidarity works so well thanks to the values of perseverance and effort. That’s why it is good to dedicate our trainings and efforts to all those who are in a vulnerability condition (economic situation, health problems, human emergency, wars…). All this people show us their strength and overcoming every day, so… Give them your effort!

  1. Take part in a marathon, which is at the same level than the most international races.

We all want the Zurich Marató Barcelona be one of the best marathon in the world next to the majors like London, New York, Belin or Boston, either in a sport level or solidarity dimension. Last year, London raised more than 61,5 million of pounds in the London Marathon, getting, again, a record in raising money for different NGO’s. All this situation helps us to see that charity and sports can work together, and we want be part of this big movement: the sports with values.

  1. Doing a bit helps a lot.

Last year, in the Zurich Marató Barcelona, there were 98 solidarity challenges through They got over 86.884€ to help different NGO and actions. Do you help us to increase this number for the following edition?

  1. Stand at the solidarity podium

The 3 groups that raise more money for their solidarity challenges through, will be awarded the same day of the competition with sports’ material (donated by ASICS) and also, they will make podium in the Zurich Marató Barcelona. The participation in the podium will close on 9th of March at 10:00am

  1. Let you solidarity ambition fly

Can you imagine what happens if the 20.000 people running the Zurich Marató Barcelona run it for a good worthy cause? Help us to achieve with the creation of a new solidarity challenge through Here you’ll see all the runners that have already created a challenge.