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Pre-season: the basis to avoid injuries

The pre-season is the time dedicated to returning to training after a break and, in most cases, it is based on a set of exercises and training sessions that are less specific than those done during the season. In athletics, each athlete plans his/her season in a specific way, and it is difficult to know when he/she is in pre-season or season. Some prepare autumn marathons in the summer while others spend the whole month of August without putting their running shoes on. Others rest for three months while others do not even stop for one day throughout the...

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Jordi Fernández (54 years) and Xavi Nadal (49) will celebrate next 10th of March 2019, a very special wedding of silver. They will run the Marathon of Barcelona for the 25th consecutive year. What does it mean for you to take part in 25 consecutive marathons of Barcelona? Jordi Fernández: it is for me very special as it demonstrates that my physical and mental health is strong after 25 years. We are in times of changes and to live a lot of different experiences. It’s not my case as I enjoy running marathons, specially, in my home town. When...

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My first child, Marc, was born in November 28th, 2008. Our lifes changed drastically that day when we discovered that our child had a cruel and horrible disease named Epidermolysis bullosa. We’ve interviewed Lluís Fuster, Marc’s father, who was born with a genetic disease named Epidermolysis bullosa. This disease is better known as butterfly skin disease because of the similarities with butterfly’s wings, as they are really fragile. Lluís is a professor at a school of Pont d’Inca (Mallorca).  Running lover since years ago, he will dedicate his first marathon to kids whom, as his child, suffers that minority...

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10 reasons to become a solidarity runner in the Zurich Marató Barcelona

In the last editions of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, more than 20.000 runners enjoyed the 42,195km through a unique and beautiful city. The Zurich Marató Barcelona is – with no doubt – a great marathon, but there is an ingredient that makes it even more special for the participants: the solidarity character. The Zurich Marató Barcelona and the charity crowdfunding platform,, work together in the following edition – 11th of March 2018 – to offer a big solidarity dimension to the Barcelona’s marathon. Both organizations want the runners to be supportive and to raise money for organizations of...

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