The end of summer holidays has finally arrived. And now we are back to our daily routines: Wake up early, drop off kids at school, work, pick up kids from school, play with them… But between all our duties, we also have to find a moment to train.

 Because of the hot temperatures of the summer, we usually change our training to the morning or evening time. But with the fall season starting, we can get back to the usual time of our training routines. Or even for some of us, get back to train after the summer holidays.

Down below you’ll find 5 tips to help you out with the training after the summer break. But remember the rest is also part of the training plan:

  • Complete your train routine. Remember to practice other kind of sports during your training routine to complement your sessions. To do other sports is important to get better in your running trains because you can work other parts of the body that you can’t by doing only running. Also, during the days you have to rest, you do it but in an active mode. Swim, ride a bicycle, walk or strengthening exercises can help you to improve your physical condition.
  • Increased gradually the train you do. You can’t start running 20km on your first day of train. It’s important to go step by step taking your training gradually until you return to your full fitness.
  • Returns to normal. Go back to a healthy diet by eating carbohydrates and try to avoid foods high in fats, eating between meals, or drink alcohol; and stay hydrated with water. But diet is not the only thing to must care about, remember to sleep well and have some days of rest in your weekly routine.
  • Set up a short term goal. Set an easy goal such as 10k race in a month or month and a half in a rhythm you used to run it. The goals must be clearly and succinctly in order to be accomplished. All of these will encourage you to train because you have an incentive to go out.
  • Have a long term goal. Set a goal in 3 or 4 months term in order to keep improving once you have got your full fitness. With this kind of objective, you will keep your motivation in your trainings.