86 kilos less that changed his life


Dan Woodgate, also known to his followers on Instagram as “Half the Man Dan”, will come to Barcelona to take part in the Zurich Marató Barcelona. At 39 years of age, he has managed to reduce his body mass by 86 kilos to show a healthier body and a man in a more positive mood.

Everything began when his father died. At the time Dan weighed 172 kg but he had no intention of doing anything about it. The passing of his dad opened his eyes and he realised he could not carry on like that, especially with two young children. Dan reacted and decided to change his lifestyle, for his own future and that of his family. In 2017 he took up running to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle, starting with the Parkrun, a modality practiced in a number of countries where people run in the parks of places where the project takes place. As Dan tells us, 5-kilometre events are prepared every week: “My first time was 41:41, but now –after 108 events– my personal best is 23:06”. Dan has lost 86 kilos in the process and aims to lose another 10 kilos before the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. He is really motivated to take part, and will dedicate sixteen weeks to preparing the race, “even if it means I have to train on Christmas Day”.
Lucerne, London and Yorkshire: three marathons he completed within the objectives he set himself, the second with a best time of 4:24. He sees the Barcelona marathon as one in which he can prove his worth, after a long period of both physical and nutritional preparation. Dan will make his second visit to Barcelona but with a completely different aim this time: to finish in under 4 hours. A few years ago, he would not even have thought about doing it.
When he started running, he tells us that “I was nervous about people’s reactions”. But exactly the opposite happened: “Runners don’t attach importance to these things”. Every time he managed to lower his times he felt good about continuing to try and achieve his aims. Dan is a good example to follow, first for his ability to motivate himself and second for his enthusiasm when telling his story.
If Dan is able to face up to himself by taking part in the Zurich Marató Barcelona, why don’t you give it a go? There are no limits in this world. As he says, “running has changed my life, there is nothing better than running a good distance in a beautiful city”.

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