March 10th 2024

30 de August de 2023

4 tips to get back to training after the summer without it being too hard

Although there are still seven months to prepare for the Zurich Marató Barcelona in September, getting back to training as soon as possible after the summer break will make it easier to get back into the right rhythm of training, nutrition and motivation to meet your next challenge. We are starting a new academic year, and getting back to planning progressively in different aspects of our routine is key to making the return after the summer not so hard:

  1. Slow and steady: To begin with, it is very important to avoid overtraining that may cause more fatigue than usual or even discomfort. Return to training after the summer with shorter, less intense but more frequent exercises, because as we get back in shape, our body will ask for longer and more intense sessions. Warming up and stretching well is also key to recovering elasticity and preventing injuries.

2. Re-plan your diet: On holiday, the most common thing (and also the best thing for the benefit of our mental health) is to lose the routine. It is necessary to enjoy this moment of carefree time and not feel guilty about it, while at the same time becoming conscious and returning to a balanced diet, starting by reducing the typical summer excesses: drinks with a lot of gas and sugar, beer or other types of alcohol, very abundant portions with a lot of sauces, desserts or ice cream, etc.

It may seem complicated, but what works best is to look for healthy alternatives: eat more fruit, vegetables or seasonal beans, eat less ‘decorated’ proteins (eggs and grilled or boiled meat and fish) and try to drink two litres of water a day to maintain adequate hydration. Keep in mind that eating as healthy as possible has a positive effect on physical performance.

So, ideally, plan a weekly menu to make it easier to organize yourself and achieve your goal. It is best not to stress about going back to work, as this works against us. Avoid eating quickly and eating more than necessary. Keeping a steady schedule of meals and slowly mealtime helps to reach the feeling of satiety sooner.

3. Get the rest you need and don’t put pressure on yourself to get back to your best shape: Respecting the needed rest is essential for good performance. This is why it is necessary to get the necessary hours of sleep. If you have not had enough rest, it is better not to train or to do a lighter session than to do it without having had enough sleep. Not rushing and adapting to one’s own pace is always more recommendable, thinking in the long term, than pushing the machine to reach the impossible. Accepting the process of readjustment without pressure but with perseverance is the real guarantee of success.

4. Take advantage of strength training and cross-training: Strength work must be done throughout the season. But when we come back from a break, it becomes even more important. By regaining muscle tone, we will improve our endurance and running performance. It is also highly advisable to practice other sports with less impact on the joints, such as cycling or swimming. Cross-training is beneficial both physically and psychologically in the return to routine.

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