March 10th 2024


*To participate, it is mandatory to run with a chip.

Article 1

The Zurich Marató Barcelona is organized by a Promotion Committee made up of four institutions and entities: The City of Barcelona, the Marató de Barcelona Platform, the Catalan Athletics Federation and Barcelona Tourism. The event is coordinated by the Institut Barcelona Esports, and its Executive Organization is carried out by ASO (Amaury Sport Organization) and RPM SPORTS.

In addition to that, the Zurich Marató Barcelona Senate, a consultative body made up of 24 renowned figures in the world of athletics and the organization of sporting events in Catalunya, will act as an observer of the race and of its organization.

Article 2

Race day: Sunday, March 10th, 2024.

The start is at 8:30 am.

Completely urban circuit.

Article 3

The distance is 42.195 kilometers. It is certified by the Federació Catalana d'Atletisme through an authorized IAAF commissaire.

Likewise, the marathon is covered by the IAAF road race regulations. RFEA and FCA judges will ensure compliance with the rules.

Article 4

Any binding decision for the course of the race will ultimately be made by the referee chosen by the RFEA. Judges and FCA auxiliary commissioners will support him. In accordance with IAAF regulations, there will be a refreshment station starting at kilometer 5 and every 5 km in addition to the finish line.

Article 5

Athletes from any nation, federated or not, are eligible to compete in the race.

In any case, competitors must be at least 18 years old on race day. Different classifications will be formed in both the male and female categories in accordance with RFEA regulations based on the year of birth.

Article 6

Each runner participates in the Zurich Marató Barcelona under his or her own responsibility and has a sufficient level of physical condition to take part in the race.

Article 7

There are three sporting categories with disabilities: wheelchairs, visual impairments and intellectual disabilities.

The wheelchair category has the following awards:
1st Classified 750€
2nd Classified 550€
3rd Classified 350€

    • Visually impaired:

Will register online and start from the first starting box. To qualify for the classification and award of visual impairment, it is necessary to attach a copy of the accreditation card proving the disability to after completing the online registration. The guides will run without a chip and must be properly identified by registering through, indicating their personal data (name and surname, ID, date of birth, mobile phone and e-mail address).

    • People with intellectual disabilities:

Must register online. To qualify for the intellectual disability classification and awards, it is necessary to attach a copy of the accreditation card for the disability to after completing the online registration.

    • Those participating in the wheelchair or athletic trolley category:

Must register online and be at the starting line an hour before the race starts. After registering online, it is necessary to contact the organizers at

*Prizes for wheelchair, visually impaired and intellectually disabled categories will be awarded if a minimum of 3 athletes, male or female, have crossed the finish line. Prizes will be awarded on race day. Please go to the podium area once the race is over to find out the first, second and third positions.

Article 8

The Zurich Marató Barcelona will be the Catalan University Championship of the specialty. Participants who want to be considered for the university classification must first register as normal, and only then should they get in touch with their university's athletic department.

Article 9

It is not allowed to participate in modalities that do not correspond to this athletic event, such as skates, bicycles, hand bikes, and/or electric wheelchairs, among others.

Article 10

The course may be finished in no more than six hours. Those who have not finished at this point may do so by adhering to the highway regulations, doing so at their own risk.

Article 11

Registration for the Zurich Marató Barcelona is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of these regulations. Under no circumstances may the bib number be transferred to a third person for reasons of not being able to attend the race on the day of the race.

However, the holder has the option to change the holder's number at a cost of €20 when registering. This is the only way to transfer the bib.

Participation in the race with a bib that does not belong to the participant may invalidate his/her participation in the race and the organisation reserves the right to exclude him/her from participation in future events.

Article 12

The organizers of the Zurich Marató Barcelona will not refund the registration fee due to injury and/or illness before, after or during the race, or for any other reason unrelated to the race. Under no circumstances will the registration fee be kept for future editions.

Refund policy

Article 13

Registration will only be valid once payment has been made. Registration will be open until Monday, March 4th, 2024, at 23:59h or, for security reasons, until the maximum number of 20,000 registered runners has been reached.

Article 14

The organization reserves the right to void articles 11 and 12 if the race is called off for circumstances beyond its control, taking any actions it considers necessary.

Article 15

Prior to race day, bib numbers will be picked up at Expo Sports on Friday and Saturday. You must show the formal identification document and the email with the bib number.

The T-shirt will be collected in exact order of arrival once the race bib has been picked up at the location specified by the organization, up until the size is available. Due to the fact that the t-shirts are bought and produced before registration closes, the organization cannot guarantee the size.

The race bib and runner's bag are forfeited if they are not picked up within the specified time frame. Picking up race bibs on race day will not be an option.

Article 16

Throughout the whole race, the bibs must be worn front and center on the trunk. The bib must be positioned on the upper portion of the trunk and in a prominent location. It may not be folded or otherwise handled.

Article 17

Each competitor will get a single-use chip from the organization, which must be turned in at the end of the race.

Article 18

The start is organized into starting waves. Each wave is identified with a color and only those who have the bib of the distinctive color, of that wave will be able to access them.

Article 19

The Guardia Urbana de Barcelona will be in charge of maintaining security on public routes.

Article 20

Medical services will be authorized to withdraw any participant for medical reasons.

Article 21

The organization may modify the course for reasons beyond its control and/or force majeure. Compliance with the approved circuit is subject at all times to the approved remodeling of the public roads, which may cause small last-minute changes that are unavoidable on the day of the race but which will not affect the official distance.

Article 22

Participants explicitly allow their name, surname, sex and year of birth to be published in the lists of registered participants as well as in the lists of results if they finish the race according to the established rules.

Article 23

The organizers will have a civil liability insurance policy in accordance with current legislation. All participants will be covered by an accident insurance policy in accordance with Royal Decree 849/1993, of June 4th, which determines the minimum benefits of Compulsory Sports Insurance

  1. Medical-surgical and senatorial assistance in accidents occurring in national territory, with no limits on expenses and a time limit of up to eighteen months from the date of the accident.
  2. Pharmaceutical assistance in the hospital, with no limit on expenses and a time limit of eighteen months from the date of the accident.
  3. In-patient treatment for prostheses and osteosynthesis material, in its entirety, and with a time limit of eighteen months from the date of the accident.
  4. The expenses incurred for rehabilitation during the period of eighteen months from the date of the accident.
  5. Medical-surgical, pharmaceutical and sanatorium assistance in accidents occurring abroad, up to a limit, for all concepts of 6.000 €, and with a time limit of up to eighteen months from the date of the accident. This benefit is compatible with compensation for anatomical or functional losses caused by a sports accident, which is granted at the end of the treatment.
  6. Compensation for anatomical or functional losses due to a sports accident with a minimum for major invalids (tetraplegia) of 12.020,24 €.
  7. Assistance in the event of death, when this occurs as a consequence of a sporting accident, for an amount of no less than 6.010,12 €.
  8. Assistance in the event of death, when this occurs in the practice of sport but without direct cause of the same, for a minimum amount of 1.803,04 €.
  9. Expenses arising from the purchase of orthopedic material for the cure of a sports accident (not prevention), for a minimum amount of 70% of the retail price of the said orthopedic material.
  10. Expenses incurred in odontostomatology for injuries to the mouth caused by a sports accident. These expenses will be covered up to 240,40 €.
  11. Medical assistance is available in the centres or from doctors in all the provinces of the national territory.
  12. Non-accidental injuries are not covered, such as, among others, the following:
    • Non-traumatic tendinitis.
    • Contractures, muscle pulls, overexertion.
    • Degenerative injuries.
    • Degenerative, pre-existing, chronic pathologies and injuries, non-traumatic tendinitis, gonalgia or pain without traumatic origin (back pain, both knees, overexertion).
    • At-home rehabilitation expenses.
    • Expenses for the purchase of orthoses.
    • Out-patient pharmacy expenses.

Article 24

The categories are as follows:

  • Sub-23: 18-22 years old.
  • Master: 23-34 years old.
  • Master 35: 35-39 years old.
  • Master 40: 40-44 years old.
  • Master 45: 45-49 years old.
  • Master 50: 50-54 years old.
  • Master 55: 55-59 years old.
  • Master 60: 60-64 years old.
  • Master 65: 65-69 years old.
  • Master 70: 70-74 years old.
  • Master 75: from 75 and over.

Article 25

Registering for the race implies acceptance of these regulations. The organization will decide on any incident that is not foreseen according to the long-distance running regulations of the Federació Catalana d'Atletisme as well as the IAAF regulations.

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