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May 8, 2022

Official countdown


The Zurich Marató Barcelona is much more than a sporting event. It is a big city-wide celebration we want to share with all the participants and all the Barcelonians who never fail to turn out in force to cheer on the runners.

In order to contribute to the upbeat atmosphere, the organiser has called upon music bands, percussion bands, batucada bands, neighbourhood associations and more to galvanise the participants and onlookers on the morning of the event.

Would you like to join us with your music band or performance group on 7 November and share this exceptional day with us? Fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

9,5RUNNERS ESPANYOL9:00-10:30Pl. UniversitatPercussion/Cheering
11FILLS DE LA FLAMA9:00-10:30Aribau (Between Aragó y Valencia)Percussion group
12,2NEW WAVE PERCUSSION9:08-10:47Mallorca/BrucPercussion group
13,5CEMS CLAROR Y SAGRADA FAMILIA9:10-10:54Mallorca/LepantMusical entertainment
13,9KETUBARA9:17-11:18Mallorca 508Percussion group
15HUMMER TO FALL9:12-11:07Navas de Tolosa/Av. MeridianaMusic group
18AMBITUM9:22-11:25Av. Rio Janeiro/MeridianaPercussion group
19CEM CAN DRAGO9:24-11:36Av. Meridiana/Roselló PorcelMusic group
19,8TIMBALERS LA GARSA9:27-11:44Av. MeridianaPercussion group
20,7PISCINA MUNICIPAL SANT ANDREU9:30-12:00Av. Meridiana/GarcilasoMusical entertainment
22,5BLYTON BAND9:35-12:10Valencia/Navas de TolosaMusic group
23,4CEM BAC DE RODA9:40-12:25Bac de Roda/Gran VíaMasterclass and Musical Entertainment
24,3SAMBA-SO9:40-12:30Gran Vía/PrimPercussion group
24,5CEM JÚPITER9:44-12:35Rambla Prim/Gran VíaMusical entertainment
25,6SAMBATÚ9:45-12:44Rambla Prim/LlullPercussion group
26CEM MARESME9:50-12:55Av. Diagonal/Josep PlaMusical entertainment
26,5PICASOLTES9:50-13:00Av. Diagonal/ProvençalsPercussion group
28,6DO DANCE9:53-13:10Av. Diagonal/Rambla Poble NouDance group
30’5UNIDOS DE MONTJUCA10:00-13:17Diagonal/Pl. LlevantPercussion group
32,480CEM LA MAR BELLA10:00-10:37Av. Litoral/Carrer JonqueraMusical entertainment
32,8CONSELL DE L’ESPORT ESCOLAR DE BARCELONA10:08-13:40Pg. Llacuna/Av. LitoralMusical entertainment
33,6SSSTREPITS10:14-13:55Jaume Vicens Vives/ Av. LitoralPercussion group
34,5SAMBARA BEATS10:17-14:06Marina/Ramón TurróPercussion group
36,5ATABALATS D'ESPLUGUES10:24-14:17Pl. UrquinaonaPercussion group
37,2KETUBARA BATUCADA10:24-14:23Via Laietana/C/de FontanellaPercussion group
38,3CEM CIUTADELLA10:26-14:33Via LaietanaMusical entertainment, batukada and zumba dancing
39EUROFITNESS-UBAE10:28-14:40Pl. Portal de la PauMusical entertainment
39,5TOCA'L 210:30-14:45Av. Paral·lel/Portal de Sta. MadronaPercussion group
39'9CONESA10:32-14:49Av. Paral·lel/Ronda Sant PauMusical entertainment & dancing school
40,5CORNUTS PERCUSSIÓ10:34-14:55Urgell/Ronda Sant AntoniPercussion group
42BATALA10:36-15:00Pl. Espanya/Av. Maria CristinaPercussion group

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