March 10th 2024

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Barcelona has always demostrated to the world that it is open, inclusive and accepting of social, ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity. We totally share these ideals at the Zurich Marató Barcelona, with the goal of hosting an event for everyone and welcoming everyone, regardless of their age.

As a result, the race shows its dedication to gender equality and its goal to make sport accessible to all. The race's inclusive concept could not exclude the involvement of people with impairments in this big athletics celebration.

The Zurich Marató Barcelona features three disability categories: wheelchair, visual disability, and intellectual disability, as well as guaranteeing that all racing locations, such as the runner's fair, are accessible.

Participants in pushed wheelchairs, or individuals with disabilities or illnesses that prevent them from moving around, are also being considered. Their participation means they are also protagonists in this big sport event, having fun with their families and friends.

Are you looking forward to 2024?

A global change starts with a first individual step. Accept the challenge of the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024.

Dare to surpass yourself.

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