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2 de September de 2021

ASICS, the power of sport to boost the mind

Just 10 weeks away from the long-awaited Zurich Marató Barcelona, nerves start to appear, the training gets harder and you get the feeling that every kilometre counts. That is the time when we need to remind ourselves of why we run. We do it to feel strong and in form, to improve. Above all, though, we run to feel free. 

At the heart of ASICS’s philosophy is a relentless faith in the power of sport to boost the mind. That is why we call ourselves ASICS – Anima Sana In Corpore Sano in Latin – i.e. a healthy mind in a healthy body. Mind and body are the two sides of the same coin, they create well-being and they need to work together to reach their full potential. We believe that this philosophy is more important than ever now.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the best training session you’ve ever done or a gentle one, listening to music or connecting with yourself, it’s all about moving, freeing your mind and clearing the cobwebs away. Determination, effort and dedication will help us to improve our running and enjoy unique experiences such as crossing the finish line in the Zurich Marató Barcelona.

ASICS accompanies you on this journey to liberate body and mind, to reach your targets and then go beyond them. We are concerned about your well-being, and offer you everything you need to give the best of yourself. Not just by offering you the best running shoes, but by supporting you so that your body and mind work together in harmony.

We believe that sport not only moves our bodies, it also stimulates our minds, pushes them both and has a strong impact on our mood. So much so, we have developed Mind Uplifter of ASICS, where you can see the impact sport has on 10 emotional and cognitive metrics such as happiness, concentration or relaxation… before and after training. You only need your mobile and a few minutes. Try it out and check the unquestionable power of sport on your mood for yourself.

Sport is not just about beating records, improving personal bests or being stronger. It is about disconnecting, making friends to share your passion with, improving your self-esteem and overcoming fears. It is about freeing your mind from the daily routine.

Our sights are set on November 7, on the start line of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, to accompany you on a magical journey. Are you ready to go?

Free your mind and move Barcelona

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