March 19, 2023

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24 de March de 2022

Get to know this nutritional advice

We are what we eat. Therefore, a well-balanced diet will be fundamental for a good preparation of our race. The basics are essential, so if you need professional advice, do not hesitate to contact your nutritionist.

Fruit and vegetables: Fruit and vegetables provide minerals and fibre as well as being an excellent source of energy. Eating 5 portions a day is highly recommended.

Carbohydrates: low glycaemic carbohydrates are perfect for saturating your glycogen stores and keeping your energy reserves topped up for longer, harder workouts.

Proteins: as well as being an excellent source of energy, protein helps us recover and builds the structure of our muscles. A minimum intake of 1.8 G of protein per kilogram of body weight will be essential during periods of heavy training.

Remember that hydration is an essential part of training. Hydration is not just about drinking water, it also means restoring salt levels in the body. So it will be important to hydrate before, during and after training.

Remember that just after each workout your body is like a sponge ready to recover with the best food. Take advantage of these metabolic windows to eat high quality foods, rich in carbohydrates as well as proteins.

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The Zurich Marató Barcelona is back with a boost in 2023: 12,000 people have already registered less than two months before the race

 ·The Barcelona Marathon is approaching pre-pandemic participation figures, with the prospect of exceeding 15,000 registrations by 19 March.·For this 44th edition, the Zurich Marató Barcelona will be a Gold Label Marathon. ·The athletic’s objective this year is to lower the male record of the race to 02:04:00h in order to continue being one of the fastest marathons in […]

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The Zurich Marató Barcelona gets the IAAF Gold Label 

The next edition of the race will take place next 19th of March. Registration is now open on the race website, 24.11.2022 – The Zurich Marató Barcelona is in luck. The Barcelona Marathon takes another step forward in its quality status and achieves for the next edition in 2023 the highest distinction awarded by the International Association of Athletics […]

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Interview Gerardo Prieto Madrazo

“An overwhelming excess of information sometimes impedes you from appreciating the most important thing in a runner, the human factor”. Gerardo Prieto has been in charge of the elite athletes at the Zurich Marató Barcelona since 2010. Key dates in which he has achieved the race record in the men’s and women’s categories and even […]

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