March 19, 2023

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The training process

When you start training to prepare for a marathon, you have to combine different types of training. Here are some suggestions for running sessions, fartleks or interval series to help you prepare your training for the Zurich Marató Barcelona on the 8th of May. Running sessions: these are uninterrupted running training sessions that do not […]

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Running makes sense if you do it for a good cause

All the benefits of running regularly and progressively are well known. There is a lot of talkabout the health benefits, which are incredible, but there are also many other values ofpersonal and social development behind these great deeds. Running a marathon is not only the 42,195 km that separate the starting line from the finishline, […]

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Optimize your preparation for the Zurich Marató Barcelona

Running a marathon requires discipline and prior preparation. We give you some recommendations that will be useful to you to face the previous months to your preparation Training is not the only important thing, rest, a balanced diet, good hydration and a positive and determined attitude towards a challenge like this one, are key elements […]

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You have large experience training professional athletes. What are the basic elements that an amateur sportsman must consider when preparing a marathon for the first time? Advice for amateurs. First, an amateur sportsman who is preparing to run a marathon must look for a professional who advise him to prepare for the race. This distance […]

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Day of records in the Zurich Marato Barcelona 2021

Samuel Kosgei (Kenya) and Tadu Teshome (Ethiopia) win the race and set new course records: 2:06:03 (men) y 2:23:53 (women) More than 15,000 runners make the Zurich Barcelona Marathon the most popular long-distance road race held in Spain since the pandemic began Local runner Eric Domingo sets a new Guinness record in marathon running and […]

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Official marathon magazine

This year, like every year, has published the official magazine of the Zurich Marató Barcelona. A magazine where you will find out about everything that is going on this weekend as part of the event. Moreover, you will also find interesting articles about the Marathon: key milestones of its route, runners guide, key factors […]

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Zurich Marató Barcelona 2021 official App

Apple Store: DOWNLOAD HERE Google Play: DOWNLOAD HERE You can now download the Zurich Marató Barelona official App. Share your number with friends and family and they will be able to follow your evolution live, throughout the race. In addition to the live monitoring and the forecast of passage through the different kilometer points and […]

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All the information in the 2021 racebook

We are happy to have you back in Barcelona, ​​on November 7, at the most magical Marathon in the world! 973 days have passed since the last time we met at the start of the Marató, back in March 2019. There are many things that have changed, the Marató has reinvented itself seeking to connect, […]

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Smile for the camera of Marathon Photos

Your official photos from the Zurich Marató Barcelona will be going LIVE from the moment you pass a MarathonPhotos Live photographer, located around the course.   Share your run number with your friends and family and they can register here to be notified as soon as your first photos are available online. They can then see your progress throughout the […]

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The Marató embraces the current sanitary measures

The Zurich Marató Barcelona keep updated to the current sanitary measures in force. From now on, it won’t be necessary to hold a valid and complete vaccination schedule nor a negative for Covid-19 PCR test to take part in any of both races. Barcelona City Council and the organizing company RPM Sports are in direct […]

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ASICS, the power of sport to boost the mind

Just 10 weeks away from the long-awaited Zurich Marató Barcelona, nerves start to appear, the training gets harder and you get the feeling that every kilometre counts. That is the time when we need to remind ourselves of why we run. We do it to feel strong and in form, to improve. Above all, though, […]

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10 reasons to run the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2021

We know you’re really keen to wear a bib in a major race again. Barcelona awaits you to offer you the best we have, a magical circuit in a spectacular city. If you are still hesitating, we will give you 10 reasons to line up at the start on November 7th. Remember, if you take […]

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Are you already looking forward to 2023?

A global change begins with a first individual step. Accept the challenge of the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2023. Dare to live something unique! Register Now!

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