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1 de March de 2022

Running makes sense if you do it for a good cause

All the benefits of running regularly and progressively are well known. There is a lot of talk
about the health benefits, which are incredible, but there are also many other values of
personal and social development behind these great deeds.

Running a marathon is not only the 42,195 km that separate the starting line from the finish
line, it is also the number of training sessions, of efforts made to find the moment to go
running, of exceeding your limits both in distance and in time, etc… An innumerable list of
values linked to sport that makes everything make more sense.

Perseverance, self-improvement, respect, tolerance, self-discipline, etc… Definetly, sport is a
vehicle for both personal and social development.

All these values that we see in sport are values that are also necessary in overcoming
adversity, and that is why so many sporting challenges are created to give visibility and support to social causes.

The Z Zurich Foundation, together with the Fundación migranodearena, are looking for
solidarity runners who want to dedicate their kilometers and effort to raise funds for the most

If you are a runner of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, we encourage you to create a charitable
sports challenge to achieve a great impact on people who need it. In addition, the Z Zurich
Foundation will contribute 50% of all proceeds to the cause you decide to support with your

Creating a solidarity challenge is very simple: Register on the migranodearena platform and create your challenge here in the Zurich Marató Barcelona category.

Choose the cause for which you want to run from among more than 3,000 NGOs that
are available on migranodearena platform.

Mobilize those around you to donate. And with a minimum of €500, GET YOUR FREE

¡Do not think about it any more, April 29TH is the deadline to get your free bib!

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