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29 de August de 2022

Tips for getting back to training

After summer holidays, you may find it hard to get back into a routine, but the sooner you start training, the easier it will be to get back in shape.

September stablishes the start of a new season in which, after some free days, we must return to our professional routines and also get back to training.

Some of you will have taken advantage of your holidays to practise sport in other places or to discover other disciplines, but many of you will have completely abandoned it, not only your training rhythm but also your diet during this period. For this reason, the Zurich Marató Barcelona offers you some tips to motivate you and get you back on track as soon as possible:

1. Reduce unnecessary excesses so typical of the summer season like fizzy and sugary drinks, beer, tapas, pastries, ice cream… We should not be obsessive, the important thing is not to exceed or to look for healthy alternatives.

2.           Hydration is very important, not only when you do physical activity but also throughout the day. Avoid feeling thirsty and try to drink 2 litres of water a day as a general rule.

3. Return to sport gradually. Find goals that help motivate you to train or go for a run with friends, it always makes it more enjoyable and helps you get back into the routine. The important thing is that you enjoy your favourite sport in a natural way, without it being a punishment for you.

4.           Fruit and vegetables also provide us water. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables whenever you can. Eating as healthy as possible will have a positive effect on your physical performance. If you plan a weekly menu, it will be easier for you to organise yourself and achieve your goal.

5.           Don’t stress about going back to work as it can work against you. Avoid eating quickly and eating more than you need to. Keeping a regular eating schedule and eating slowly will help you reach satiety sooner.

6.           To rest is essential for good performance. Sleep the necessary hours and if you have not had enough time to rest, it is better not to train than to train without having had enough sleep.

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