Some people run to win, others to help other people get a better life. If you are going to run the Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018, do it for a good cause and you will be able to get a free start-number.

You can support the cause that interests you the most: childhood, rare disease, disability, health and scientific research, social exclusion, etc. In, the crowdfunding platform for NGO, there are over 2000 NGO and non-profit organisations to whom dedicate your marathon.

Here you can see all the active solidarity challenges for the Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018.

How to lead a solidarity challenge for the Zurich Marató de Barcelona?

    1.Register in

    2.Create your challenge (select the "Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018" event)

    3.Choose the NGO, Foundation or Association you would like to support

    4.Describe your challenge, upload a photo/video and set the economic goal of your challenge

    5.Publish the solidarity challenge and start looking for collaborators among your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

Discover the positive effects of sport with values!

Solidarity podium:

The three people (or groups) that have raised more founds in their solidarity challenges, will be rewarded on the same day of the competition with a sports equipment kit donated by ASICS and will go up to the official podium at the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. Participation for the podium will close on March 9th at 10:00 am.

Charity start-numbers:

If you have already decided that you go for the "sport + solidarity" tandem, contact and they will explain you how the charity start-numbers work (limited). Contact at

Examples of solidarity challenges from Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2017:

Full challenge: HERE

Full challenge: HERE