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Elegant, subtle yet powerful. Formed in Barcelona in 2009. With style and hard to classify, AESE (AS GROUP), browsing, in the modern pop-rock, flirts with the 80's with electronic trend with Afro-Latin rhythms. Over fifteen years of professional experience are accumulated in each member of the band, born in 2011 recording their first album called "feels good", this quintet direct download ideas and experiences they could not get in the box, with the aim of trace from the listener. Direct brings a fun, all music where each piece takes its place and stands with his instrument, are melodies that are mixed with some international covers the 80's or current to cause a pleasant atmosphere.
Their new show is accompanied by the performance of four dancers, young and talented, is a mixture of music, dance and theater.
Able to see any events in different parts of the world, with the sole intention of taking his music to every corner that can be open to any type of invitation would gladly make your event a day unique and special.

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Alustyza begans in 2009,with the recording of his first album ("Transmigration"). Playing 25 concerts in cities as Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia with some importants bands as Las Novias, Romeo or El Portal de Jade for mentioning some. In 2012 they start recording his second album ("MayDay"), which was released in 2014,due to the internal problems that were crossing that they would do that, finally, the band was dissolving. Some months later, and after the denial of the previous members to re-lead the band, Xavier Alustyza (voice) starts recording " Esperando el Fin Del Mundo ", thats will be the Alustyza's third album,Incorporating David Galiano, Alvaro Joakin y Edu Huerta to the band . In November, 2015, started "Esperando el Fin del Mundo " in Madrid, and with this tour they will cross great part of the national territory,with Pedro Morales as a new member of the band.


Atabalats is a percussion group that was born in 2002 in Esplugues de Llobregat. Now is composed of 22 members who play all kinds of rhythms, from Brazilian rhythm to electronic music.

We are music, percussion, dance and show! We are people, movement and animation! Our goal is make you jump, shout, sing, dance and smile! And not just with the music that we played but also with our dance! Atabalats has played around of Catalonia in festivals, private parties, weddings, carnival and any events that require a dose of rhythm and fun. We don't care the moment or the place to have fun the public, as much as we do on stage. If you want to follow our present activity, you can do it through our social networks. We assure you that you'll be surprised with the things we can do!





Live Atabalats experience! Oh! And get fit for Marathon. We will be there to encourage you!


The B-Sides is a cover band composed by musicians with more than 20 years experience

in different bands and styles.

We cover songs of bands like: Queen, The Police, The Beatles, U2, David Bowie,

AC/DC, Ramones, Kings Of Leon, Lenny Kravitz, Joe Cocker, Loquillo y los Trogloditas, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams...

Rock and Pop classics from the 60's/70's/80's /90's and from modern bands.

If you want to enjoy a good session come to see our show!


Since 2008, a group of young people from Molins de Rei who love rythm, have started meeting in order to create a percussion group. This is how BAKETOMBAwas born. Since then the group has increased in number.

We also have a children's percussion group called BAKETOMBINS.

Nowadays, the group consists of 35 motivated percussionists who have performedon the streets of many towns all over catalonia with the unique percussionist street style.

Here we are, ready to jump and dance with anyone we meet. Fun is ensured!!!!
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BATALA Barcelona is a Brazilian samba-reggae style percussion group who with bright colorful costumes and colorful drums, parade with their energetic beats.

BATALA was formed in Paris in 1997 by Giba Gonçalves, a Bahian percussionist (Ilê Aiyê, Olodum, Muzenza, Malê Debalê, Jimmy Cliff, Nagô Tupi and Kaoma) based in France, who brought the rhythms of his native Salvador and which has subsequently been extended to different cities.

BATALA first came to Spain in 2009 , when the first Batala Spanish group was created in Badajoz. Batala Barcelona was subsequently formed in late 2011 by Sergi Cerezo, who has always thought that Barcelona should have a band with a large international presence and recognition showing samba-reggae in this beautiful Mediterranean city.

BATALA is currently a large family consisting of more than twenty bands that bring together the most diverse nationalities and has been growing throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Currently present in France, Spain, UK, Austria, Greece, The Netherlands , Belgium, Germany, Angola, South Africa, Brazil, USA and Australia.

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Batoka'm a street percussion group born in 2006 in Barcelona. Formed by 16 musicians, have performed all over Catalonia and Andorra in Major Festivals, Parades Carnival Three Kings Parade, anniversaries, weddings, parties and workshops at schools, sporting events ... Our show combines different rhythms (samba, conga, funk, reggaeton, ...) with choreography and audience interaction.

If you follow our present and prepare for the marathon, you can do on / batokam
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Our entity (Associació Musical Cultural i Educativa Batubaroa) is the platform that gives support to Batubaroa Brazilian Percussion. The two main projects that we are engaged in are: Batubaroa Escola and Batubaroa Batucada.

Batubaroa Escola is a framework where anyone, regardless of their previous music knowledge or experience, can participate in Brazilian percussion workshops.

The workshops are not only a space where anyone can learn how to play an instrument and dance. They also provide the possibility to be part of a cheerful and ambicious group of people who are willing to expand their horizons and have fun!

On the other hand, Batubaroa Batucada is a Brazilian percussion street band that plays on all kinds of public and private events. The show is based on rhythms like samba-reggae, samba-afro, samba-enredo, baiao, 6/8, funky, maracatú and our own beats. Our main references are: Ilê Aiyê, Olodum, Timbalada, Banda Didá, Malê de Balê, Muzenza do Reggae, Monobloco, among others. The show, which consists of a combination of music and dance, has always been very well received by the audience. If you want to learn music, dance and have a lot of fun, contact us!

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Tel.:+34 671 461 018


Bertt Que is a Folkrock music project in Spanish that was born in Barcelona, in 2018.

Alberto Quesada (Bertt Que) is the person in charge of leading this project, giving voice, form and trajectory. Coming from the Barcelona band, "Marionetas", after 5 years playing in many halls and events in Spain with the Marionetas band, now he makes his way alone to make his own musical proposal to the world.
A musical project with classic references of artists such as Mumford & sons, Vance Joy, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and me and Band of Horses among others of the current Folk genre.
The peculiarity of this project is the concept that you want to convey. In both recorded and live songs, you want to give a feeling of naturalness, simplicity and personality. Songs that sound as they have been recorded, without any modern processing and with the tape sound like all those records of the time had.
Currently, the project consists of 8 themes brought to light (They can be found on YouTube and Spotify), 4 themes just mixed and will soon be released and a video clip. The concept of disc is something that is in mind, but for now, the format that we can afford is the Digital, that's why rounds of singles releases have been made separately. Despite having 4 tracks facing the public, we have a show of more than 100 mins of pure Folkrock.

The spectacular we do are adapted to the space that is presented to us, since we have several concert formations. Today, what we are presenting most are intimate shows in small venues, with a trio drum / percussion, piano, acoustic guitar and voice format. Anyway, the format is always adapted to the conditions of the event. We have performed multiple times in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Murcia, although we look forward to playing wherever we are, since music is our passion


Blacktucada is a percussion group born in 2012. It consists of 18 people of different ages.

After four years we continue with the same illusions, learning and giving everything wherever we go.

Blacktucada is happiness, energy, animation and our rhythms are traditional Brazilian like Samba-Reggae, to Afro rhythms, through some swing and a few Latin. And we add to all this variety our musical creation and scenography.

We have acted in Major Festivals, in the carnival and the Magi festivities, in charity events and weddings. Make rain or shine, nothing stop us!

Furthermore the family is growing up with a new percussion group that is formed nowadays!

We are waiting for you all!


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The Girona percussion band Bloc Quilombo comes back with a renewed sound and visual show for this year: De la Jungla a l'Asfalt. During almost their ten years history, Bloc Quilombo has made many people have fun and smile during their shows in Catalonia, Spain, Finland, France, Cuba or Brazil. The band turns the streets and squares where they pass by into a great percussion party, and it's because these spaces are its natural habitat.

Are you ready to be hypnotized by rhythms and extravagant arrangements of the Quilombo universe? A group that doesn't know any borders, or possible musical labels and that, all along the years has experimented with afro-brazilian and latin-american rhythms, without leaving behind the funk, hip hop, reggae, drum'n'bass or other music of oriental origin; a rythmical lab that has achieved its own distinctive sound in constant metamorphosis, and that makes each show different from the previous ones.

For more information:
Edu Ortiz / +34 605 808 507


Blyton is a band from Barcelona founded by the four members of the extinct Radiorama (Pep Vidueiras on drums, Francesc Terrer on guitar, Kike Torrellas on keyboards and César Moya on guitar and voice). In 2011, the bass player Jesús Gómez joins the band to form the current Blyton. Although in the beginnings they told daily stories, Blyton's songs are visceral, personal and reflective, with powerful arrangements without forgetting a melodic essence that captures the senses. The band has self-edited two albums, where the elegant pop made from crystal clear guitars takes a wild dimension when mixed with a more “garage” rock & roll. Their last job so far, “En aras del amor total” contains ten songs recorded in their own studio.

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Who we are?

“Cabrons i Bruixes de Centelles” is a group of devil figures created in 2009 with the aim of spread our culture around Catalonia with fire, noise and joy.

The “correfocs” are part of our life and identity.

It is composed by a group of people of different ages: the oldest put some common sense and the youngest put the energy, but we all have the same goal: to promote joy, formation and conservation in the culture of the fire.

We are a dynamic group and very flexible to all the needs.

The “tabalers” are the heart of the group, the beat of our drums is the rhythm that moves “Els Cabrons i Bruixes”

With a slow pace, the witches made their exoteric dance and with a fast pace the Cabrons dance like crazy

We interact with the public which enjoys a lot seeing us dancing and playing with the most helling compass!!

“In Centelles, witches all of women”


La Colla de Bastoners d'Esplugues de Llobregat was founded in 1985 and their first appearance was in September of that year with Els Bastoners Terrassa. After four years, the group split and in 1995, a group of people who wanted to recover the popular and traditional culture and in particular the Ball de bastons (dance with sticks), created again the Colla de Bastons d'Esplugues.

The main objective is to promote traditional and popular culture in all areas, particularly the de Ball de bastons. It aims to make the name of Esplugues de Llobregat known to all populations, both within and outside Catalonia and to show the talent of the dancers of bastons.

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Cop de So is a group of teenagers. A couple of years ago, we had the idea to play together at our school for the Music's feast day. Soon we felt the interest to understand our favourite english songs. Due to that we decided to start translating and making the arrangements for all those incredible songs in our own language. That's the way Cop de So was born and since then we have been working hard to consolidate the group. Moreover we love to see that you enjoy our concerts and sing with us. We made our repertory grow including our own version of catalan rock songs.

The members of the Cop de So group are four boys drums, guitar and voice, bass, keyboard and three girls cello and two voices. Today we continue expanding our repertoire, adapting and making arrangements of everything we like. We have performed above all on the Vallès Oriental zone (Sant Celoni, Santa Maria de Palautordera, Vallgorguina, Llinars del Vallès and Sant Joan de Sanata, among others) and we have had the privilege of acting several times in the Zurich Marató Barcelona. We really wish to come back this year and to be able to enjoy again this magical event.



The Dire Straits Tribute present a true tribute to Dire Straits, showing live the emotion of the songs of the group led by Mark Knopfler.

Their repertoire is based on the most iconic recordings of the legendary British band. They have a history of more than 4 years of concerts in the best rooms in Catalonia such as the Razzmatazz, Mephisto, Monasterio, or the Clap, among others.

The six components of the Dire Straits Tribute collect their experiences in different styles such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Rock Psychedelic or Pop united in a common denominator, the Dire Straits.

For more information:
To hire them: 646 46 22 30 or 652 87 89 18


Somos Dispersión. Un grupo de percusión de Barcelona que nació en 2010, formado por 12 miembros de edades diversas con ganas de pasarlo genial en cada actuación, pero sobre todo con la idea de transmitir energía y alegría, obtener la participación del público y conseguirlo a través de la percusión.

La dispersión es la separación de un conjunto o una cosa que está unida. En óptica, es cuando un haz de luz blanca pasa a separarse en las diferentes tonalidades de colores que la componen. Y eso es Dispersión, una batería desmontada, cada instrumento tiene su color, su propio músico, pero todo forma parte de una unidad. La dispersión define nuestro carácter, nuestros gustos y nuestros temas. No podemos centrarnos en convertir la percusión en un estilo musical si podemos mirar de transformarlos casi todos. Los repertorios de nuestros temas y ritmos, compuestos entre todos, pasan del vals al rock, del swing al dance, de la rumba al ska… Y esto nos permite animar cualquier evento: fiestas mayores, conciertos, pasa calles, celebraciones, actos deportivos… abiertos a cualquier propuesta.

Si queréis venir a animar a los corredores, elige la avenida del Paral.lel. El último kilómetro, donde más necesitarán vuestro apoyo, pero además, estaremos nosotros!

Dispérsate con nosotros.

Para más información:

616.05.98.33 o facebook


Do Dance is a group of people of different ages that through aerobic choreography and different styles of dance do physical exercise in order to have fun and maintain body and mind.

With more than 10 years of experience we dance from Zumba to Hip-hop between resistance and muscle building classes for the most daring.
We do this activity in La Sagreraand wherever they invite us!

Draco Taiko

Draco Taiko is a percussion group born in Mataró in 2016, and made up of 13 people. It is the only Taiko group in Catalonia. Taiko is a Japanese drum dating back to the 6th century and originally used to motivate soldiers in the battlefield, and later used in traditional festivals and Buddhist rituals. During the 1900's Taiko became a musical art form combining music and choreography, and this is what Taiko is today. Taiko is intense, motivating, vibrating, and revitalizing with its energetic rhythms. Taiko is played both in outdoor and indoor settings but we believe its natural place is in the open spaces allowing the taiko to breathe out its sound. In this way, it gives support to worthy causes, it encourages martial arts demonstrations and sports events in general, or simply it entertains.

Draco Taiko is part of Fundació Lotus dedicated to social wellbeing since 1999 and with projects that go from popular forest cleaning, to giving support to oncological patients, senior citizens, and at-risk youth. The group exists as a tool of personal growth, to echo out certain social values and to fight for a better social wellbeing.


Created in 2010 and composed of 20 people from varied age, with a nexus that is the percussion and the desire to offer a good show and be better every day.

They work in all kinds of activities and events (festivals, clubs, concerts, festivals university percussion competitions, festivals, parades Carnival Ride of the Kings, weddings, corporate events and sport ...) always giving the maximum of each one of its components and spectacles where the audience becomes the true protagonist.

Drums is a recognized association, nonprofit, which allocates funds throughout the economic renewal of instruments, equipment and costumes and innovate shows they offer.

Distinction Among the highlights 2nd Prize in the sixth Kabronada musikal.

For more information and contact:

Ecosystema, Costa Rica

Ecosystema is Funk-Rock band founded in Alajuela, Costa Rica. We make our original songs and our composition is influenced by different bands from the 70's to date. We like to also blend our original music with hits from other legendary bands from the past 3 decades, which we like to make our own versions.

The idea was born as a spot to enjoy and get out of routine by playing the music we like!

Our band is formed by Jose Edo Gonzalez on guitars/vocals, Oscar Sanchez on drums/vocals and Byron Loza on bass/chorus.

EL CARGOL GRACIÓS, de Barcelona.

El Cargol Graciós, Cultural and Gastronomic Association of Gràcia, was born in 2006, with the support of the Fecoll Congregation of Lleida, with the main objective to enjoy life and enjoy good times around food, share similar tastes with friends and anyone who wishes to convert the need to be fed into a pleasure, while we get to know and promote events and activities of cultural and gastronomic nature, and we accompany other exciting initiatives, entertainment, festivals, sports and popular culture.

And if you want to get to know more about it, remember to come over by TASTA GRÀCIA in the framework of the Festival de Gràcia (from August 15th to the 22th), where you will be able to enjoy a week of culinary and cultural activities from around the world. Become one of the more than 6.000 visitors of last festival.

For more information:
Would you like to take part of it?
Address: C/ Providència, 42 Hotel d'Entitats, 08024 Barcelona


Els Sulfitos are an unusual band. At Christmas 2009, after a dinner featuring several bottles of wine, a group of lifelong friends decided to start writing songs and form a band named after the sulfites in wine. Two years and many rehearsals later, on 31 January 2012, the band from the Montseny area in Catalonia released their first album, produced by Roger Gascon and titled "Podria semblar il·lògic..." ("it could seem illogical...").

Thanks to their bright and witty pop-folk, they have been awarded the first prize in the Easy Music Festival, held at Razzmatazz 2 in Barcelona on 9 June 2012. They also reached the final phase of Sona 9, the most important music contest in Catalonia.

Franc Lluis (vocals, acoustic guitar), Sònia Casanovas (vocals, violin, glockenspiel), Toni Solà (bass, guitalele, backing vocals), Albert Fontanella (keyboards), Francesc Cruz (electric guitar, backing vocals) and Joan Miquel (drums) form els Sulfitos, the only band advertised in every single bottle of wine.


The Esgarriats are a percussion group of Sant Guim de Freixenet. We encourage all kinds of events and parties with Brazilian rhythms, Cuban and more of our own land to live and making the audience feel the music.

- We offer two types of shows:
· Basic (batucada): A combination of dance and rhythms.
· Music-pyrotechnic :Our rhythms and dances with a small firework display. (At night)

For more information:

Fracaso Escolar

The first Fracaso Escolar songs were composed during a Spring weekend, in 2000 or 2001, as we travelled to Tremp in the Trans-Siberian Lleida - La Pobla de Segur and an idea popped up in our head, when one of our friends found out that the new educational reform (the ESO!) would affect him.

Since then, we hadn't done anything ... Until we restarted our activity by mid-2012, when we composed new songs (some of them appear in the EP edited on March 2014 called “Torna't boig” [Go Crazy]) where the rock influences can be glimpsed in between the punk energy that has always characterised us.


The “Colla de GegantersiGrallers” of SantCeloni is an entity founded in 1981, formed by geganters, musicians and members who go with the group. Their aim is to promote our culture and our traditions and to make people –children and adults– have a good time, with the help of the giants of the town, Martí and Mª del Puig.

This is a small summary of the activities in which our entity (“la colla”) has participated:
Many giant parades in many countries: Catalonia, the Basque Country, Valencia, Mallorca, France, Corsica, Bosnia and Switzerland.
Activities for solidarity for old people and for disabled children.
They've run many races: against hunger, against drugs, the ‘Corte Inglés' race and F1- Montmeló circuit.
They've climbed some mountains: Canigó, Les Agudes, Matagalls, Puigmal and Turó de l'Home.
They've gone skiing with Mª del Puig at Les Angles (France)
Long routes with the giants: St.Celoni-Montserrat (100 Km) and the last 150 Km of the Way of Saint James, the 'Camino de Santiago'.

For more information:


The CollaGeganteraSantAntoni de Vilamajor (Vallès Oriental) was formed in 1999. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in the Village Festival of 2009.
It is composed of about fifty people: giants carriers and huge head figures, drumsand“gralla” musicians, entertainers and children.

What values do we want to encourage?
• Enjoy the leisure with the family and being surrounded by different age groups, taking part all together of festivals and many other activities.
• Our Catalan identity: symbols, traditions, popular culture and language.
• With this spirit we gather and take our giants and huge head figures (Felip, Pepeta and the beasts of the Montseny) all over the villages of Catalonia and many other places around the nearby geography.

Gegants de Teià

This year, Pedro Noguera and his wife Eleanor, who come from the giants Maresme region, and specifically Teia collaborate actively in the "Zurich Barcelona Marathon 2017".

The town of Teia is located in the Lower Maresme, 20km from Barcelona just a few. Located at the foot of the coastal mountain range rises around Teià stream and the valley of the same name, surrounded by vineyards and woods. A medieval village with a church of the sixteenth century considered the Cathedral of the Coast; and a Roman past, home to the winery Roman Vallmora, I-II century AD.

If the wishes of teianencs 1829, calling for a pair of giant people, had come true Teia could have been a town with more than centenary tradition of giants. But it was not until 157 years later: 1986 was when the Giants were born Teia: Peter and Eleanor (Pere Noguera is the first mayor of our town, after the granting of privileges in 1505 hand of king Ferdinand of Aragon).

And now the time has come to let them know the world!

And what is the proposal? Involve Peter and Eleanor of 42,195 meters in the route of the Marathon, so to become the first pair of giants to the "Zurich Barcelona Marathon 2017".

Being a town historically Teia welcoming all money raised will go entirely to this popular initiative to support Syrian refugee camps in Greece, with the collaboration of the City of Teia Parish of St. Martin de Teia more shops, businesses and all teianecs.

In the coming days, will start selling a commemorative T-shirt that will look giants and runners for the race, with the aim of raising the maximum line between solidarity and support for the giants have forces required to complete the marathon

Group of Devils Sa Forcanera

The group of devils Sa Forcanera of Blanes was born in 2004 and just a year later was born de group of Percusion to fill up the musical needs of a group of friends inside the group of devils. The group was born with a traditional musical ideology but since the beginning it evolved with african and brasilian rythms. Nowadays the group is made up by 22 members.

The favourite stage are the Correfocs. However, the group has played in weddings, concerts, sports events in Catalunya and in so unique places like the Camp Nou. Where we go, we leave the stamp that defines us: rythm, fire, power, happines and our identifying magic percusion skills.

You can follow us in our social networks to get in touch with us.




KABRA drummers

The KABRA drummers are part of the KABRA "tradicional devils" from l'hospitalet de Llobregat de ,which were founded 14 years ago. We're a group of friends that try to bring our rhytms and music to the streets in ourneighbohood. We don't play samba or traditional drums,but our rythm is free. We love playing and people enjoy it as much as we do when we play our songs.


The Kastukats we are the former Tabalers de Castellbisbal, we have changed our name as we have also changed our style, we have passed from traditional style to the batucada. Our group is composed by persons of all ages and our aim is to have fun and make the people enjoy with our music.

We are the Kastukats!

For more information:

Kata Kitinga

Kata Kitinga is a band that plays Sant Cugat batucada Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms adapted to their training , combining the creation and interpretation of rhythms choreographed . This band offers the public a show , not only musical but also visual . With four years of experience Kata Kiting has conducted more than 150 performances framed parades correbars , percussion workshops , performances at clubs and various celebrations . The band has also participated in various festivals and has been awarded in different competitions percussion.


Founded in Barcelona by Alex Rosa, a member of the legendary Ilê Aiyê, and other members, the formation of percussion and dance Ketubara aims to recreate the atmosphere of joy and the rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian music of Bahia. Ketubara consists of 10 musicians that with their cheerful colorful drums play rhythms that accompany the dancers with animated choreography. The result is an injection of intense energy, force and general joy which ensures that the audience can not resist smiling, dancing and applauding.

For more information:


L2 PROYECT is the integral combination of two musical talents: the virtuosity of the guitarist ALEJANDRO SALAS; who carries the performance of several performers at once, between his strings and his interpretation you can appreciate both the melody and the accompaniments; musical versatility known as FIGERSTYLE, and the curious, effective and innovative way of playing the recycled battery that emits ringtones and varied rhythms by the creative drummer MIKEL, a combination that seems incredible to the spectator.

L2 PROYECT is an harmonic instrumental duo that, partly, uses recycled objects under the premise “all that you play is music”. The experience and talent of both performers, enliven this innovative project that aims to offer the spectator the possibility to wander and recreate himself with the greatest musical hits of all of times: key pieces of memorable times until nowadays( BEAT IT (MICHAEL JACKSON), HOTEL CALIFORNIA (THE EAGLES), YESTERDAY (BEATLES), ROLLING IN THE DEEP (ADELE), GET LUCKY ( DAFT PUNK) AMONG OTHERS).

Our duo's intention is to make listeners remember the songs we play and get them to participate from their seats, singing if possible, we have achieved it in different bars, restaurants and private events in Barcelona and its surroundings.


La BandSambant is a percussion band with afro-Brazilian influences born from a non-profit cultural association. It considers “batucada” as a medium through which people can develop personally and with a sense of community.

The band originated in the Spring of 2005 after having been led for nearly three years by Carlos Pussetto. Since then, it grew in every sense of the word until positioning itself as a music band.

Along the way, La BandSambant performed in town festivals, street parades, city celebrations and concerts halls... always with the energy which the band identifies itself with.

Following this description, we offer our services to any musical, cultural and artistic events you are proposing. We invite you to visit our website ( where you can see a small portion of our performances - both from back when we began to our most recent shows.

To get a hold of us call +34 616 996 464 or if you prefer write to

Let the party begin!
For more information:
Telf.: +34 616.99.64.64


Percutàber is a percussion group made up of parents and children from Tàber Primary School in Sarrià (Barcelona).

A parents' initiative, it was set up in April 2011 to accompany the school “gegantons” (traditional giants).

All of us are amateurs and for almost 4 years we've regularly taken part in the parades in Sarrià and the Old Town. Occasionally, we've also participated in other parades and events.

Rehearsals take place at our school once a fortnight and our leader and teacher is José David Martínez, a percussion specialist.

La última movida

La ultima movida is a group of Rock from l'Hospitalet formed by musicians with more than 20 years of experience in the stages. We offer an energetic rock proposal, with a powerful direct, of the best of the national Rock of the 80's and 90's. They offer a "remember" with show, good music, movement and rock

Facebook :

LUZ VERDE, de Venezuela.

Luz Verde is a group of Venezuelan rock and roll based in Barcelona since 2004. They present their third album, "Manual de Buenas Costumbres", produced by Roger Rodés (Macaco, Facto of the Faith, Nubla) and mastered by Marc Parrot. Upon returning to Barcelona after a successful tour of Venezuela, the Latin American Rolling Stone's have described the album as "a significant and risky evolution", while the media branded it as the best Venezuelan rock album of the year.

This concert is a must!

For more information:

MAC martial arts

MAC martial arts is dedicated to personal growth, teach and reinforce life skills through martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate, improve confidence and self defense through Krav Maga, and reduce stress and get in better shape through our Warrior Kickboxing program.



We are a group of percussion born in the Born of Barcelona. We are a people from several nationalities and the passion for the music with drums has joined us.

Our digest contains African-Brazilian rhythms and as Latin and North African people, we like to accompany the music with dances and smiles. From 2011 we have realized more than 40 shows in the streets of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia. We play in festivals, neighborhoods, school activities, weddings, community centers, carnivals, etc. We love to create a great atmosphere and to see people enjoy and dance with our music.


We are Mig Quart de Segle, a band of catalan pop-folk music. We are very excited to have the chance to play in the Zurich Marathon of Barcelona and we are willing to put all our efforts to encourage the runners so they make it to the goal.


New Gospel is created in 2009 by L´Hospitalet Gospel Assotiation and is a member of the Xarxa Gospel de Catalunya (Catalonia´s gospel web). The group has participated in different acts in L´Hospitalet and nieghbouring towns within the province of Barcelona as well as in concerts in the Barradas Auditorium, La Bòbila Cultural Center, The Catholic Centre and the Juventut theatre as guest choir in “Los Grandes del Gospel”(The Gospel Greats) festival.
With Manuel García Sepúlveda as director, nineteen members raise their voices to give us all their most authentic spirit of Gospel, making all of us have a great time.

For more information:


New WaveIt's a new created group, although most of its members have a great experience because they play together since 2012. It was created with the aim of providing teens a space of welcome and entertainment wheretransmit the love for music and all the benefits that this brings.

Nowdays, it is a project that pretends to strengthen the habilities of 13 teens between 11 and 19 years old. We use percussion to transmit principles and values as friendship, solidarity or companionschip.

Furthermore, on last summer we have made a project together withSolRe Percussion and RDT (Rural Development Trust) to bring music closer to a group of childrens in Anantapur (India). We worked in two diferents schools: in one ofgirls with diferents intellectually disabled (ID) andthe other with blind boysand girls. While in the rest part of the year we collect money to help poor people to build their house also with RDT fundation.

Thank you for being as you are and making our dreams come true!


Noemi Osorio Danza, de Girona

Noemi Osorio Danza, with headquarters in Girona, is born for the formation and promotion of the international dances.

Nowadays it offers spectacles of different cultures around the world, preserving the most traditional part of every dance for keep as genuine as possible.

To achieve this goal, has a group of specialized artists in the world's dances such as flamenco, belly dance, bollywood ...

Come and enjoy sensitivity, technique and beauty of their animations!!

+ Info:


We're a group of 4 members from the Penedès and Garraf, lovers of funk-rock music who have found their junction point in Otherside remixing the legendary hits of the Red Hot Chili Peppers band. On stage we try to show the fun and excitement that these hits transmit us in order to offer a live concert full of energy and good vibes.


PERXUSCAT was born in 2015 in Molins de Rei with the purpose to make dance by the rhythm of good music our dragon, Entxuscat.

We are a premature group of different ages, raring to have a good time with those that are around us enjoying with the diversity of rhythms we play, accompanied by different choreographies.

We have acted in 'correfocs', end of courses of schools, festivals, solidarity acts and inaugurations of businesses and premises, among others. And next Sunday 13 of March we will be waiting all of you in C/ Tarragona with Diputació to cheer as much as possible this Zurich Marató!

Good race runners and good music!

For more information, please contact us by email

And you can also find us in Facebook:


We are a Batucada ensemble that was born out of the desire of parents and children to spend more time together after school. Our goal is to have fun, play music, enjoy our time together and cheer up everyone that comes to see us playing.

We are Batucada amateur players who usually accompany our school “Gegants” in the Poble Nou festivities. We are also glad to participate in other events when required.

We rehearse once a week at our school, where we practice our repertoire containing different African and Sambareagge rhythms.


¿Queréis un grupo de versiones de pop español? ¿Sois amantes del pop rock español? Con Retrovisión podréis revivir la mejor música del pop nacional de todos los tiempos.

Retrovision ha actuado en prestigiosas salas como Sala Clap de Mataró, Sala Siglo Sant Cugat, el Zoo de Barcelona y en diferentes fiestas a lo largo de España, como las fiestas de Calatayud (Zaragoza), compartiendo cartel con grupos de la talla de Mojinos Escocios, Rubén Pozo (Pereza)...


We are a group of percussion born in 2009 composed of 13 musicians. We are a young group that aims to give joy and energy to the public. We have different rhythms like Conga, Samba, Samba-Reggae, Merengue...

For more information:


We are honored to introduce you RETUMBATÚ, a young group of batucada that oveflow energy and party soul.

Perfect for any event. We are experts spreading rythm and flowing dance to everyone without losing the proficiency and compromise.

We offer the possibility to animate parades, sport presentations and even though static shows. We can also add colourful animation to our shows and fire exhibitions.

You can contact us with our oficial facebook page:

Or even if you prefer, you can write us on our gmail account:


Batucada group of San Adrián del Besós, born in 2017, formed with people of very different ages, created with the main idea of encouraging fun, passionate about rhythm and percussion.

We have participated in carnivals, major parties and acts of our city, currently the group is creating new rhythms and continues to grow.

For any information:

Sâmbara Beats

Sâmbara Beats is a batucada recently founded by a group of friends who share the passion for drums. After some years playing in a drum school, we decided to found our own batucada, where expressing our energy with the rhythms we have learned.

We really enjoy playing percussions and, above all, living this experience among people who feel the same passion. For this reason, we want to share our music with everybody and go out to play, enjoy and make people enjoy.

Our social commitment brought us to Solre Percussió, a musical association which carries on social projects and counts on high professionals who help us to translate our enthusiasm into music.

We are always glad to take part in all events, happiness, celebration and everything deserving a good rhythm of drums!


Sambatek is a dynamic percussion group, full of illusion and energy.

At the moment, it is formed by more than twenty components with a lot of desire to make the heart beat of the spectators with a common objective: to break the daily monotony with rhythm of samba.

We want to make all the people enjoy dancing to our music and feel part of the show.

We wish to share with you great moments and to beat your heart with our rhythm, from El Vendrell, we come to offer a show that will not leave anyone indifferent, with constant movement, surprises and much strength.


SAMBATÚ, a batucada band from Barcelona, are a group of friends connected by BRASILIAN PERCUSSION. Specialized in SAMBA ENREDO rythms, we enjoy playing and spreading to those around us the happiness and energy that invade us. Making people smile, enjoy and dance with samba ¡é o melhor!!!!

See you at the Zurich Marató of Barcelona. We will do our best to give a boost of extra energy to the runners in the form of music, rhythm and great joy!

Follow us on:

Or contact us at:



Shanendogs are a rock band formed in 2013, consisting of Adrián Aranda (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Guillermo Cámbara (lead guitar), Federico Ruau (bass) and Albert Reyes (drums).

Federico, Albert and Guillermo started playing together in a different band while attending high school, where they befriended Adrián and shared music interests. Later on, Adrián spent a few years pursuing a music career in England as a jazz singer, performing at pubs and clubs. When he came back to Barcelona, they decided to join up in order to form Shanendogs, a new project based in classic rock and indie music, with some jazz reminiscences as well.

After getting to the final of a music contest for local unsigned bands, having played at well- known clubs such as Monasterio and Razzmatazz, they've been performing at pubs, local festivals and university parties. Recently they've been filmed at a coverage for their hometown television in l'Hospitalet.

Nowadays, they are busy recording their first EP and looking forward to arrange new dates as well.


Ssstrèpits is a percussion group specializing in Rhythms of Fire. These are regular rhythms “correfocs” and other celebrations in Catalonia. They are formal and elegant music, but that does not prevent the largely tap group of festive celebrations. Ssstrèpits consists of more than 60 musicians, with a mean age of about 20 years. This fact, combined with the seniority of the set (since 1995), creates a fusion of styles that rarely leave anyone indifferent. The repertoire is all its own, extensive, being able to spend several hours playing continuously if the situation requires. In addition to Rhythms of Fire (the style of the group), also plays Brazilian rhythms, African and accompanying “gralla”, most of which are accompanied by dances and other visual spectacles.

For more information:
Contact: Arnau Adell - 71.771.26.97


Tabalers de Sants is the percussion group of Diables de Sants. The group was founded in 1980 and is the second group of Diables more old of Barcelona.

With our music the “diables” dance nonstop in “correfocs” keeping alive the fire culture and spreading out everywhere.However, at night, while diables are sleeping, we continue playing music in all kind of activities, fairs, races, concerts, parades and in any place you could imagine.

We play traditional music keeping the roots of diables dance, despites this our new themes were influenced of other musical styles.

If you want more information:


Traditional “tabalers” group tat was born on 2013 in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona. Formed of
more than thirty members, the group's mission has always been to entertain the public by of
fering innovative content in addition to the traditional one. The main objective is to continue
growing and learning, to be able to overcome new challenges and enrich ourselves. Respect,
diversity and dedication, as well as companionship, are the fundamental values for the group.
Among our activity we find diversity: we participate in cultural and popular parties, but also in
privates. To know more about us, we are in the main social networks where you can find updated
content from our activities. #Desterrats #PicantFort


Who are the TABALUENCS?

We are group of young people from Palau Solità i Plegamans passionate for the music and the percussion that decided to create a stable group of Batukada in 2013. Although we are a young group, the motivation we have has made us to advance very much! We have participated in races developed in the city and in the mountain, in different activities of the villages, percussion meetings, solidary acts…

The main objective is to transmit to the public good vibes. We play, we dance and we sing, but especially, we have a great time!

In our actuations there are always smiles!

For more information:


Tambolas, grup de percussió femení is a percussion group formed exclusively by women that use the percussion to make percussion shows with music, dance and voice at the rhythm of samba, reggae, reggaeton, funky and rumba catalana.

Our main objective is draw smiles!!! Young, creased, shy, deep smiles! We enjoy every show because is the expression of a collective action. We are proud of it and we want to transmit it. The art as a joyfulness and happiness expression, that is easy to achieve. Percussion is our tool to transmit the happiness of life!

But in our essence, we want to make visible the woman role in our society as a leader and project developer (cultural, social and politic). We chase the rights equality and the social revaluation of female gender in our society. Our positioning start out in the inclusion, the respect and the complementarity between genders. Percussion is our expression tool!


After four years of rehearsals and preparation in a music school of the “Barcelona musicians atelier”, came out Theory on December 2013. A group by 4 members born to lure the public with their music. Their referent style is the Rock & Roll and it is from this base that they create their themes.

On march 2014, they presented their first own theme “Come With Me” and actually they are working on new ones. But if something characterizes this musical group is their “covers” of great hits of the Rock & Roll history. Oasis, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley are some of the names being played in each one of Theory's concerts. We see you on stage, until then… Rock & roll!


The Timbalers from Sant Andreu have its origin in the Colla de Geganters i Timbalers of the School Ignasi Iglesias. In 2006 we constitute ourselves as independent entity and we rehearse in the Municipal Center of Popular Culture of Sant Andreu (Can Galta).

We are a group of people of different ages and we try to learn to play kettledrums, we participate in the cultural life of our neighborhood and Our performances are mainly in our district, where we collaborate, providing that we can, in invigorating the party and the conviviality putting a bit of rhythm to our streets. We are also called to come to events of other districts in Barcelona and other cities of Catalonia. From 2004 we participate in the Carnival of Barcelona and in 2007 we were recognized by the Prize to the best musical accompaniment.

We try to play a varied music mixing the Latin American rhythms with local rhythms and a bit of funky.

Although some of us have the habit to make noise in the streets since several years ago, our entity is young and it is still finding its space and its role in Sant Andreu del Palomar.

For more information: or Facebook

Toc de Pegàs

"TOC DE PEGÀS" was born in 2013 with the aim to raise awareness of our school among people in the neighbourhood and we do so by taking part in the different events that take place in it.

It is formed by families of the school (parents and sons) and recently we have joined a family from out the school. We do not have any musical knowledge but we like to have fun and make people enjoy our rithms which we make with the help of our musical hPEGASOacher. We take part in the different events of the school and the neighbourhood (town festivals, solidarity events, etc.) and litle by litle we try to broaden our actings around Barcelona.


We are Toca'l 2, the percussion group of Diables from the district of Sant Antoni (Barcelona). We've been growing since 2004 and today we can say that through music we have developed into a very cohesive group and have become a reference. Resulting from our learning experience, our main objective is to transmit good feelings to the public, interacting with it and encouraging people to participate.

To achieve this goal, we need prior preparation and hard work; rehearsals and dedication to improve theme songs to make sure our performances result in a great show. Our work not only focuses on the city of Barcelona, but we also participate in events around the Catalan region as correfocs (fire and firecrackers performance), processions, percussion encounters, sporting events, charity activities, etc.

Using both traditional and Latin rhythms, we have created more than just a group of drummers; we are a group of friends who enjoy sharing their passion for fire and percussion.

Tukantú Batucada

From percussion Batukomas (2009-2014) born Tukantú Batucada! (2015) A band composed of percussionists of Barcelona from rhythms Bahianos to samba enredo with a perfect fusion of dance and very cheerful and living choreography that will impress you . With years of experience and a lot of performances under their belts. Their rhythms and choreography are the delight of those present at inaugurations, anniversaries, cultural events, festivals, sporting events, weddings, contests of percussion solidarity actions , etc. Transmitting and spreading our energy to all kinds of audiences.

The three words that best define us are




For more information and contact:



We are “Unidos de Montjuca”, a Brazilian percussion formation specialized in Samba and other cariocan rhythms.

In our group we have fourteen members, playing tambor, caixa drums, surdo samba, maracas, tambourines and ago bells.

We have been together now for fifteen years and have taken part in many festive and cultural events.

We specialize in getting people on their feet and dancing so we know that to do so we have to adapt at all times to the needs of the people and surroundings.

There is nothing we love more than giving people a great time full of energetic movement, engaging and creating a complicity with our audience.

Facebook: Unidos de Montjuca


ämbitum is the urban percussion company of SolRe Percussió. Composed by 10 musicians with aspirations for dancers, it unites music and movement in the same artists. Class, energy and rhythm is the staging that fuses the rhythms of hip-hop, funky and Drum & bass.




Musical animation
KM: 23.3 (Bac de Roda / Rambla Guipúscoa)

El CEM Bac de Roda

+ info:

CEM Jupiter Sport

Masterclass and musical animation

KM: 24,5

Gran Via / Josep Pla



Musical Animation

KM 32.8

Av. Litoral / Jonquera

+ Info:

CEM Maresme

Musical Animation

KM: 26.5
Av. Diagonal / Josep Pla


CEM Parc de la Ciutadella

Musical animation
KM: 38.8

Via Laietana ( Davant Correus)

+ info:


Musical animation with Speaker

KM: 16.4

Sardenya (davant Sagrada Familia)

+ info:


Musical animation

KM: 20

Av. Meridiana / Concepción Arenal

+ info:


Mastercass de ZUMBA (km 39.5)

Pl. Portal de la Pau ( Final la Rambla /Estatua Colon)


Foundation Ictus

What are you able to do?

The capacities of the brain

Pablo Pluvinet, architect, athlete, solidary and survivor of an Ictus, will participate as a runner in the 38th Edition of the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2016. From the Foundation Ictus, in the Km. 34 of the circuit, we will encourage Pablo and all those runners with a musical activity with dance and animation.

In 2005, Pablo designed the circuit of the Marató de Barcelona and he is founder of #corrextusvenas, #Pedaleaporelictus, #swim4stroke, 10XMarathon, 9XTriathlon y 1XGran Fondo ciclista.