We recommend

We recommend that you have a medical check-up before starting to train regardless of whether you take regular exercise or not. We also recommend not starting the specific training programme if you have not been physically active for some time. If this is the case in the weeks leading up to the start of the training programme it is worth getting back to the training routine progressively.

Following a planned training programme is important for participating in the competition in good health, avoiding injuries and thus meeting your objective. 

During your preparation consistency is very important in the training as is observing the recovery periods.

We suggest four training levels for each of the following objectives: Finishing the marathon within the maximum time allowed (6hours), under 4h., under 3h.30' and under 3h.

The duration of the specific preparation period we are suggesting for the Marató de Barcelona will be comprised of 14 weeks (for the objectives 4h - 3h30' - 4h). We will refer to this period as the Macrocycle. 

We will divide the Macrocycle into 3 training periods (called Mesocycles). Accumulation Mesocycle (where we will concentrate on improving aerobic efficiency). During this period, the type of training exercises which will dominate are continuous runs at a harmonic rhythm and continuous runs at a variable rhythm, Farlek). Transformation Mesocycle (during this period we will work with increased load and accumulated fatigue, the work will concentrate on improving aerobic capacity and aerobic power. We will introduce uphill training and fragmented training, the famous "series"). Performance Mesocycle (the most important aspect during this period is to reach the competition in the best possible physical condition. The training intensity will not be reduced, however we will respect all the recovery processes).

Each of these Mesocycles is comprised of different Microcycles. In this schedule each of them will last for 1 week. We will use different types of Microcycles during our preparation. Load Microcycles (we will use medium work loads), Impact (high work loads), Recovery (low load level to ensure the organism's recovery processes) and Competition (including important competitions, we will try to avoid any fatigue situation).

The parameters for determining the training load will be based on the volume (marked by distance or time) and the intensity (training rhythms).